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How To Elevate Your Instagram

There’s a reason why Instagram has 500 million daily users, it’s addictive for consumers and it’s powerful for business. If the platform is utilised correctly, your business can present itself professionally, reach its target audience and as a result, gain leads. Here are four ways to elevate your Instagram, to see your business thrive.


Branding is a huge part of the way your business presents itself online, so ensure that your business carries a consistent brand style and theme, as your feed can then appear curated and professional. Ask yourself... what are your content pillars? Who is your audience? What kind of posts perform the best? Then create your content around this. Your Instagram should reflect your brand personality, and be recognisable to your audience at a glance.


My top tip for anyone who wants a curated Instagram feed is to apply the Checkerboard Method. This consists of alternating your posts between two colours or styles, I personally love it so much that I have a reel dedicated to this method on my Instagram.

While the Checkerboard Method may be my favourite, there are so many other ways to curate your Instagram layout, such as connecting multiple images like a puzzle or doing a row down the middle, it’s totally up to you. Using an app such as ‘Preview’ or ‘The Grid’ can help you visualise how your feed will look before posting.


By covering the basics of Instagram strategy, you should find your business is discoverable through methods other than simply visiting your profile. By filling your maximum hashtag allowance with related hashtags that aren’t too broad or too niche, you can reach your target audience. Ensure you are including your location on your post and most importantly, engage with your community. Reach your target audience by engaging with hashtags that your potential customers may use. You can like and comment on their posts, but please for the love of god, never be that account that follows and unfollows… that’s just annoying.


Reels are the talk of the town at the moment, and for good reason. I’ve recently hopped on the bandwagon as I discovered that they reach an audience beyond the scope of your followers, often appearing in the explore page for thousands of people to see. Instagram also favours those who use the latest features, so jumping on new Instagram features is sure to favour you in the dreaded Instagram algorithm. This gives your business potential to grow a following and heighten your engagement. When creating a reel, try to make it add value or entertain your audience. My advice would be to preplan what you are going to create, use a trending song and have fun with it. People appreciate authenticity, so just be yourself.

You are now equipped with all of the fundamental tools you need to elevate your Instagram, now go smash it.

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