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Time to Rebrand? 5 Signs That It’s Time

A consistent and engaging brand is very crucial to the success of your business. Strong branding leaves a memorable impression on consumers, distinguishes your company from competitors, and sets expectations for customers. Additionally, consumers like brands they know they can trust. One survey found that a staggering 81 percent of consumers need to trust a brand before they feel comfortable spending their money on its products.

Here are 5 signs that tell you it’s time to rebrand.

Your Branding Doesn’t Reflect Your Business Vision

Your business vision is a mental image of where you expect your company to be and look like in the future. It provides a clear focus to reach the goals and aspirations set for the company, and reflects the impact your business will have on the world. If your brand doesn’t align with this mental picture or contribute to these specified goals, then you may want to revisit your branding.

Your Branding Isn’t Unique to Your Competitors

A brand sets you apart from other companies. It’s a main reason why people decide to invest in certain brands as opposed to others. In order to attract consumer attention, your brand must be easily recognisable. If your brand doesn’t captivate attention, it is time to rebrand.

You Aren’t Attracting Your Target Customer

Every company has a desired target audience. Marketing efforts are centred around these specific demographics and their interests. If your analytics reveal that your target market arent engaging with your brand, this is a key indicator that it would be worth your while to seek out a professional to help improve your branding and online presence.

You Have Outgrown Your Existing Branding

Generally speaking, a good business will grow and evolve over time. There comes a day when your brand will outgrow its original iteration. A homemade logo may wear out and become an inaccurate representation of your business. When your branding is unique and authentic, you are able to be true to your business values and stand out in a world where Canva logos dominate.

You Want to Start Targeting a New Demographic

When attracting a new niche, you will need to shift your branding to meet the needs of that new demographic. You will need to revisit your existing brand, get to know your new demographic and look at what branding could better resonate with your new audience.

If any of these signs resonate with you, don’t worry, I can help you seamlessly develop an updated brand identity that will fulfil your brands purpose.

Get in touch to access your Branding Welcome Pack, including all there is to know about pricing, timelines and inclusions.

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