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Instagram, stop trying to be Tiktok... its not going to happen.

Sincerely, everyone x

I know it can feel exhausting having to keep up with the ever changing Instagram updates, trust me, but as the algorithm continues to evolve there are a number of ways to keep on top of your Instagram game… and nope that doesnt only include posting reels.

Here are a few tips to help you stay seen and of course,

make fetch or as we should call, Instagram success, happen.


It goes without saying that no one liked a pixelated image or a blurry video. Stand out with high quality, impressive content.


In the wake of Instagrams new update, many people are skipping the newsfeed and heading straight for stories. Posting stories means that you will appear at the top of the feed. Using stickers such as polls and question boxes prompts your audience to engage with your content, and therefore you will appear in their feeds more often.

Captions Tool

When posting stories or reels, be sure to use the captions tool so that your audience can still get value from your content without having the sound on.

PS. Did you know that 30 percent of people watch stories without sound?


Make sure you are consistent with liking and commenting on others posts, whether this be with your own followers or outbound with new accounts to stimulate growth.

Did you know we offer this as part of our social media management packages?

Trending Sounds

Using trending sounds from Tiktok will help your reels to perform well, as Instagram is typically a little behind on trends but they do eventually end up there. Stay ahead of the game by keeping up with Tiktok trends.

If social media is overwhelming you and youre in need of some extra support, get in touch.

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